What is the Best Epoxy Floor Style For Your Garage?

Most often changing the flooring of your garage is a huge decision to make. You want to make it look impressive rather than being boring. The flooring is the foundation of your garage and it takes time to renovate it since it is mostly used. Additionally, you need to make sure that it can withstand wear and tear. The cost is another factor that should be considered. When decorating your garage floors, obviously, you want to use the latest trend and style.

Since epoxy flooring is made of liquid, then it can be directly applied to your existing concrete floor, making it look attractive and smooth. Epoxy Floorings can actually make your garage floor look so stylish as long as it was properly prepared and installed. In fact, it can even look much better than any other type of flooring styles.

You can always assure that epoxy floorings can last for years since it is made of grade materials such as polyurethanes, and polyureas. This is why more and more people are now using Epoxy Floorings since they are more durable and can resist scratch, stains, and any other types of chemicals. It does not require too much maintenance because it is very easy to clean. With its non-slip feature, you can assure that you are always safe around your garage.

Epoxy Floorings are seamless, hence, there are no grout lines which might eventually look dirty. They have a natural shine and can brighten the space. Hence, you will only need less indoor lightning which is also advantageous since you can save on energy.

Types of Epoxy Flooring For Garage Floorings


Solid epoxy floorings have self-leveling properties. It consists of two components which must be mixed thoroughly. When the chemical reaction starts, it will get hardened. Consequently, you need to apply your solid epoxy flooring as soon as possible with the use of bulky rollers. You also need to wear spiked shoes when moving around the floor.

After the first coating becomes very thin, then you can apply the main coating. You can also add an anti-slip feature to the first coating as well as the main coating so your floor surface is very easy to clean.


One of the most artistic options is the flake epoxy floorings. These decorative flakes can create a unique appearance on your flooring. A variety of multi-colored flakes will be consolidated into the resin mixture while it is still liquid. When done, you can obtain an amazing flooring system without any repeated patterns.

You can either choose synthetic flakes or those which consists of natural mica minerals. There are different colors, sizes, looks, and combinations that you can choose from.


Metallic epoxy floorings include glitter-like pigments which are incorporated into the resin mixture before it is applied on the floor. This mixture of pigments can reflect light at various angles. Once the epoxy mixture gets hardened, it’s metallic pigments will stay permanently. When done, your floor can obtain a three-dimensional look. You can even customize it to make it more durable, seamless, less yellow, anti-slip, and chemical resistant.

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