Epoxy Flooring Queensland Pty. Ltd. offer a solid product performance & workmanship guarantee.
This guarantee jointly covers both workmanship in application of all coating materials and the quality of all materials used in the coating process.

This guarantee is limited however, to the loss of coating adhesion from the substrate and / or coating breakdown. The guarantee covers the full replacement cost of the coating system only, but does not include any other ancillary, incidental or down-time costs incurred. Expressly excluded is wilful or negligent, mechanical or chemical attack and unusual wear, working, substrate or environmental conditions that were unknown or not disclosed, and that are beyond the mechanical & physical properties of the coating system used as specified in our technical data.

  • If any damage does occur to the flooring system, Epoxy Flooring Queensland Pty Ltd must be notified in writing immediately, and access provided in the short term, to ensure that this damage is contained to the minimum level.
  • This Guarantee does not take effect until full payment is received.
  • This Guarantee is not transferable without our written consent.

N.B. #  It should also be noted that as all coated surfaces experience both wear / abrasion (especially anti-slip surfaces) and attack from various chemicals, that general wear & tear of the flooring system can be expected, and of course is not covered by this guarantee in any way. Regular maintenance & inspections should be carried out as required to maintain the integrity of the flooring system applied.