Epoxy Flooring

How Long Do Epoxy Floors Last?

Are you getting bored with your dull and less appealing floor? If so, then now is the best time to make an impressive transformation to your floors. When your visitors come into your home, the first thing that they will notice is your floor. If you want to impress your visitors, then you should opt for epoxy flooring system.

Epoxy floors are great, not only for residential use but also for commercial use. It is a long lasting flooring option that is durable and convenient too! Epoxy floors are definitely worth your investment.

What is Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy Flooring

You might be wondering how epoxy floors are created? Keep in mind that epoxy paint and epoxy coating are not the same. The epoxy flooring system is commonly associated with epoxy coating. The finishing of the floor is actually a combination of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. These two components must be mixed thoroughly before they will be applied on the floor.

When to Apply Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy Flooring

The epoxy coating should not be applied to the floor instantly. After mixing the epoxy resin and polyamine hardener thoroughly, you’ll have to wait until such time that it is already dry. Then, you can apply it to the floor surface and this can guarantee that you will have a durable flooring that can endure for a long time.

Why Epoxy Flooring is a Popular Choice for Many?

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a popular choice everywhere. Aside from households, they are also commonly used in commercial, manufacturing, and industrial areas. This is because it can tolerate almost anything. It won’t get cracked or easily damaged by weight and by heavy traffic.

That is why, if you are an owner of manufacturing, commercial, or industrial company, then you should make the right choice when it comes to the material that you will use for your flooring. The epoxy flooring system is very affordable, so you don’t have to worry if you only have a limited budget. At the same time, they are also very easy to maintain.

Are Epoxy Floors Long Lasting?

Epoxy Flooring

How long do epoxy floors last? It is a fact that anything can last, as long as you know how to maintain and take care of it. However, the best thing about epoxy floors is it does not require heavy maintenance since it does not get easily damaged compared to other types of flooring.

Typically, epoxy flooring system can last up to 2 to 3 years. But most likely, it will also depend on the floor traffic. For instance, if it is used on industrial, manufacturing, commercial, or any public places, then it can create a serious effect on its endurance and lifespan. Nevertheless, if you only use it for residential purposes, then it can likely last longer than expected since the floor traffic is not heavy.

So, what should be done to extend the lifespan of your epoxy floors? The simplest thing to do is to properly maintain it with regular sweeping. Every week, clean your epoxy floors thoroughly with a gentle scrubber. You might also want to recoat the floor when needed.

If you need your flooring to last longer, then epoxy floors are definitely the best. Get your quote now at Epoxy Flooring Queensland!

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