Epoxy Floors – The Best & Safest Choice For Industrial Buildings

Epoxy Floors – The Best & Safest Choice For Industrial Buildings


Industrial floors really get it tough. It’s one of the most toughest environments for flooring and often over looked.

A tough environment needs a tough floor.. and this is why Epoxy Flooring is the best choice.

Not only do they offer the most durable finish available but it can also offer slip resistance at the same time.

Naked concrete floors are the usual flooring type for industrial buildings which can cause numerous problems. The number one being the wear of the concrete floor eventually leads to a nice shiny floor, ready & waiting for someone to slip.

(Other problems are it being porous, causing a lot of problems when water and especially corrosive liquids are spilt).

Ironically safety is usually the most important item for industrial companies & buildings. Yet we are still overlooking the floor. Usually the largest most visible & most used part of the whole building!

So let’s address the elephant in the room and start making our industrial floors not only more durable but also more safe!

Choosing an Epoxy Flooring finish will allow you to have a specified slip resistance, choice of colouring (white for more light etc, or even having the companies branding) etc. You can also have area markation, allowing an additional level of safety for perhaps separated danger areas, fire routes and more!

Another benefit to epoxy flooring finishes in industrial areas are for uses such as welding where sparks are flying everywhere and you need a tough flooring finish that is also easily maintained (unlike concrete).

Start putting safety first and contact us today to see what we can do for you! epoxyflooringqueensland.com.au/contact-us/


Click here to even more reading on the general safety benefits of Epoxy Flooring.

Epoxy Floors are the SAFEST choice you can make!

Epoxy Floors are the SAFEST choice you can make!

What’s the most important thing when it comes to flooring? Looks & cost usually come to mind. Although Epoxy flooring has you covered for these, it is more important to remind ourselves that SAFETY should always come first!

Epoxy Floors are the safest choice you can make when it comes to flooring. This is because the flooring surface offers electrical & fire proofing qualities!

Epoxy floors have been tried and tested for electrical flow and have proven to be one of the least conductive choices available!

Why is this important? It’s important, if not invaluable, in applications where there may be sensitive electrical equipment involved. e.g. music venues, performance centers, stages, shows, music recording studios, industrial factories & warehouses, electrical stations to name a few.

When it comes to safety we don’t want to ignore the elephant in the room.. fire! When it comes to fire proofing & fire resistance, epoxy flooring comes out on top. Epoxy floors have similarly been tried and tested for fire resistance and have again proven to be the number one choice!

These decisions are often looked at too lightly from a residential perspective. People strangely seem to put more emphasis on looks than safety when it comes to the protection of their families! Hopefully this article will help people see the light on this issue.

Regardless of the residential issue above, the most used application for epoxy flooring is and will be industrial applications. When businesses make decisions on construction it is always safety first! It will prevent electrical shock for workers and it will prevent electrical flow across to areas where damage or fire can occur. It will also help stop the fire from spreading with its fire resistance qualities.

Come on people.. let’s put safety first!

Epoxy Flooring – The Best Insurance Policy You Can Get!

Epoxy Flooring – The Best Insurance Policy You Can Get!

How much would you spend to protect your home? For most, their home is their most expensive asset. So insurance is a no brainer and one of the most important decisions most people have to make.

But what’s better than a typical insurance policy?! Using the smartest and best construction methods to avoid any need to call on any insurance company in the first place! Happy days! 🙂

The most common insurance claims usually arise from water damage, water leaking from the areas where the taps were left on etc, (e.g. the bathroom leaking onto those nice timber floor boards in the kitchen or living areas!).

Not only that but here on the Sunshine Coast & Queensland, there is the real risk of flooding for many people.

Now, if our floors had carpet, timber or even tiles (the grout from prolonged water saturation can cause damage to the grout both in between and under the tiles), then our floors would most certainly need replacing. Which of course is a costly exercise and puts you with no where to walk and usually live for that period of renovations.

Yet if we had epoxy flooring we wouldn’t have any of those problems. The floor would be as good as new! It might have even cleaned it a little! 😉

Not only that, but if you have a quality epoxy flooring installer like EFQ then you will most likely find the floor would have a slight taper to water outlet or exterior area, door or similar!

So make the right choice for a stress free life and get epoxy flooring in your home!

Contact us today to get a quote or simply discuss your options!

Epoxy Flooring is the new Polished Concrete!

Epoxy Flooring is the new Polished Concrete!

Polished concrete is old news and well over used to be cool any longer! Move over Polished Concrete it’s time for a new cool kid on the block, Epoxy Flooring!

Epoxy flooring not only offers that sleek, polished look but it now enables you to have a completely solid colour finish which is proving very popular among architects & designers.

Leading architects are now choosing to use a solid white gloss or “polished” epoxy finish to give the most clean & minimalist look possible.

It makes sense, epoxy flooring is the best way to achieve the cleanest most minimal look. Polished concrete offers a clean gloss look but can no longer be perceived as cutting edge or modern, it’s simply way too over used and old news now.

A clean look extenuates items, furnishings or other key design elements and this clean look can only be achieved by epoxy flooring!

Not only this but it also makes spaces look a lot brighter, therefore providing a much more welcoming and desirable environment to work, play or live in!




Epoxy Flooring No. 1 Environmentally Friendly Choice!

Epoxy Flooring No. 1 Environmentally Friendly Choice!

In a world where being environmentally conscious is becoming more and more important, it’s good to know you can count on Epoxy Flooring being the best environmentally choice you can make when it comes to floor finishes!

What makes epoxy flooring the best environmentally friendly choice for your flooring?

  1. It’s Non-Toxic!
    • These floor finishes won’t leak out harmful pollutants like varnishes, stains, carpets etc.
  2. The energy that goes into the production & installation of this type of flooring is the lowest there is!
  3. Not only this ^ but because it also has the longest longevity vs any other flooring choice it means it shouldn’t need replacing or maintaining!
  4. Epoxy flooring installations have been used to give more reflective surfaces to bounce light back further into spaces. Which means it uses much less electricity for lighting requirements!
  5. People often forget about the chemicals (& ongoing cost!) involved in cleaning floors. Epoxy floors aren’t penetrable like concrete (or need continuous cleaning like carpets) because of this you don’t need to use harsh cleaning chemicals! Warm water will do the job!

So if you want to be environmentally conscious or are a designer needing to reach certain environmentally friendly ratings, Epoxy Flooring is the best all round choice!


Epoxy Flooring Tipped as the No. 1 Trend for Global Outdoor Flooring Market 2017-2021

Epoxy Flooring Tipped as the No. 1 Trend for Global Outdoor Flooring Market 2017-2021

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has tipped Epoxy Flooring as the number 1 trend in the Global Flooring Market (2017-2021) in a report detailed here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170703005340/en/Global-Outdoor-Flooring-Market-2017-2021—Key

We have covered numerous benefits of Epoxy Floors, especially for Australia and regions such as South East Queensland and the Sunshine Coast:

  1. Epoxy Flooring South East Queensland
  2. Epoxy Flooring Queensland & The Sunshine Coast!
  3. Epoxy Floor Coatings – The Best Way to Separate Your Business From Litigation!
  4. More..

But the main reason behind Berkshire Hathway’s Business Wire Report is the environmentally friendly benefits of Epoxy Flooring.

Most flooring types release toxins into the air, even (and sometimes especially) timber! Due to varnishes etc. But with Epoxy Flooring there isn’t any toxins released what so ever! Once the resin is set, it is one of the most impenetrable materials out there! Nothing is going to disturb this floor or any nasty toxins escape from it!

Another point noted was it’s “blendabilty”. Meaning it is the perfect choice for the widest use of applications, all sorts of designer choices and adapting to the latest trends / fashion. This is due to it easily being able to have various colours, patterns, smooth, rough & gloss finishes etc.

The last point noted was it’s perfect suitability for non-slip finishes. Which is extremely important in a world moving more and more towards being disabled friendly, litagatiously conscious & regulatory controlled. Regulations being a big one especially for Queensland where even our floors have to meet strict and exhaustive regulations & standards.





Epoxy Flooring is new must have design feature!

Epoxy Flooring is new must have design feature!


Epoxy flooring is becoming the new cool design choice for designers, architects, builders and the like. The “new polished concrete” if you will.

More and more top designers are choosing Epoxy Flooring to achieve the most optimal balance of functionality & aesthetics! Not only does Epoxy Flooring provide for an unparalleled sleek & clean design look, but it is also the most hard wearing, long lasting floor you can possibly get! It’s even better than concrete! So scrap that “polished concrete” look and get a better floor EXACTLY the way you want it!

Whether you want the clean, clinical modern look or a more down to earth rustic look, Epoxy Flooring has you covered! Excuse the pun!

Back to the functionality, not only does it provide for the most hard-wearing floor covering out there, (see our multiple blog post’s for more detail on longevity / hard wearing aspects of Epoxy Flooring), but it also proved for the most effective slip resistant flooring at the same time as proving for a fantastic look. Enter “Epoxy Flake Flooring”, where “flakes” are added to the mix to provide a fantastic textured and special look (to your requirements / taste) which at the same time provides for a slip resistant flooring which can be suited to Australian Standards of Slip Resistant flooring!

So as you can see you, Epoxy Flooring provides the option to have any look of floor you want at the same time as also being the ultimate in longevity. Which is what the design industry has been crying out for and opens up so many more possibilities. Especially with the continual advancements in Epoxy technology & application.

As always, you want to choose the right professional for the job, or else otherwise all of the above benefits are lost. With poor workpersonship providing for uneven ugly surface and applications that certainly won’t provide for longevity! Please contact us for a trusted & highly respected (our reviews here) Epoxy Flooring Professionals.


Epoxy Flooring – Why you should use a professional!

Epoxy Flooring – Why you should use a professional!

Epoxy flooring has become very popular choice of flooring recently. So much so that there are many people giving it go themselves on their own garage floors. Especially in the Queensland (& Sunshine Coast) region due to it’s durability & affordability.

What’s important to note here is the term “recently”. Epoxy flooring has been around for a long time! The epoxies as we know them first being invented in 1934. But wide use of applications for epoxy flooring didn’t really begin until the 1970’s. Although there were applications before this time. The point of the quick history lesson being that it’s been in wide use by the public for nearly half a century! In which time it quickly became known for it’s durable & aesthetic qualities.

The problem being that people lacked the application know how, expertise & experience. We also lacked a lot of the machinery and technological advancements in relation to the ease of application we have today. So because of this epoxy floors actually didn’t get the recognition they deserved. The longevity wasn’t as good as it could be & more labour intensive applications made it more time consuming & expensive. Until now! Because of it’s latest revival a lot of people try to give it a go themselves. Which we can only warn against, because although the applications may have become more affordable there is still a large amount of knowledge, steps & processes to all do correctly with many variables to consider. It is often the variables that you can’t research yourself and find are only known how to overcome through expertise. So please try to use a professional!

Do not just use any Professional!

But it’s also just as important to make sure you don’t just use any professional! Use a company with plenty of experience & is trusted! Like many other examples in life, the best way of choosing your epoxy flooring professional is to look at their reviews! This shows a good insight into how efficient they are, how competitive, how much of a good job they do and much more. Here are some of our reviews for example: http://www.epoxyflooringqueensland.com.au/epoxy-flooring-reviews/

There are many so called “epoxy flooring professionals” out there who are also less ethical in their approach, who you need to watch out for and reading this article will be of huge help to you by knowing. Make sure you discuss the preparation process & time with them. People are easily fooled by a nice looking finish that doesn’t last long becuase the preparation underneath was not done correctly. Unfortunately only something a professional can spot straight away (and not every time even for a professional). So if you want a good job & floor that has the true amazing durability properties of epoxy flooring then make sure you use someone who is trusted and has reviews!



Another addition to the EFQ Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast Fleet!

Another addition to the EFQ Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast Fleet!

Epoxy Floors Sunshine Coast

Epoxy Floors Sunshine Coast – New Fleet Addition!

We’re proud to announce a new addition to the EFQ Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast Fleet! Check that van out! Pretty good looking right??! 😉

A proper van for a proper job!

Exciting times for EFQ Epoxy Flooring Queensland!

If you know of anyone wanting or thinking of renovating or even in the construction industry generally speak to us about referrals!

We specialise in epoxy floor coatings, surface preparation, concrete remedial works for Commercial, Industrial & Residential jobs!

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Wow! Check out our Reviews! Amazing!


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Awesome Epoxy Flooring Reviews!

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