Business is Booming!

We’re pleased to announce that EFQ is going from strength to strength!

Business is booming! We’re doubling in size every year that goes by!

This all naturally means we’ll be needing a new & larger warehouse premises!

We’ll be all moved in in the coming few weeks so stay tuned to find out where! 🙂

In the mean time can you guess where we’ll be moving to?!

The Benefits of Hiring a LICENSED Contractor!

The Benefits of Hiring a LICENSED Contractor!

Why do so many people forget to check if their flooring contractor, or any contractor for that matter, is licensed??!

It hurts us to see so many poor quality jobs that come back to haunt people and cost them 2x as much (or more!) to rectify further down the track.

Please people! Check to see if your contractor is licensed!

A Licensed contractor has many benefits but the number one being RESPONSIBILITY! Hiring contractors or not that they should really even be honoured with that term, hiring COWBOYS to do an important job such as your flooring WILL come back to haunt you! With no responsibility or warranty for their work they will do a quick and easy job get the cash and run (so to speak). They will give no regarding to correct preparation or finishing which will cause all number of issues.

The benefits of hiring a licensed contractor are:

  1. Insured! The work is insured not only by them but also the Governing body providing the licence (in most cases meaning the Government backing you up in case of any issues).
  2. Warranty! The work cannot be given a warranty if the contractor isn’t licensed in Australia. Warranty also means the contractor will care about the job they are doing and do it to the best of their abilities to ensure there aren’t any problems further down the track.
  3. Unlicensed, uninsured & no legally backed warranty will mean the job isn’t done correctly. They will not care about the correct water proofing techniques, correct preparation, correct finishing, use of cheap & dodgy products. Which all leads to floors that will cause you more problems and possibly be really expensive fixes! Such as possibly needing a whole new floor due to water damage, inability to remove or go over the bad job done etc.
  4. Government Track Record! Licensed contractors can be searched and you can even find their track history and record as if it were reviews!

Also ask yourself if you would get in a car with someone who sin’t licensed?! I know I wouldn’t!

With EFQ Epoxy Flooring Queensland you can rest assured knowing we are fully QBCC Queensland Building and Construction Commission Licensed contractors. Knowing our work will always be to the highest standard and done correctly so you won’t have any costly flooring issues in the future!



THE most cost efficient way to improve the value of your home!

THE most cost efficient way to improve the value of your home!

Ok, ok we get it.. there are so many ways to improve the value of your home.. so why an epoxy floor?!

Epoxy Floor Coatings have the ability to provide a tailored beautiful finish & look to any chosen area of your home.

Dark, lifeless balcony? A shiny white flaked look would provide much more light and provide a quality professional finished look vs the average looking concrete balconies that are commonly seen.

(You can also refer to this post regarding the benefits of Epoxy Floors vs ALL other flooring types, such as longevity problems of tiles for the above scenario).

Don’t like the idea of a shiny floor? Epoxy Flooring has you covered! You can have mat finished, non-slip finishes or even print transfers under a transparent finish!

It’s the same for Garage floors. How many garages are dark, grotty & under utilised?! With an epoxy flooring finish you can not only make the space seem larger & brighter with a lighter coloured choice of flooring, but the space also becomes instantly more usable! All ideas will start flowing such as a pool room, games room, home office etc.

Or if it’s the place for your pride and joy, then an epoxy floor is the perfect choice..

Durable, customisable & stain resistant!

Contact us today to get a quote for home! 🙂

Global Epoxy Flooring Market to Grow by 7% by 2024

Global Epoxy Flooring Market to Grow by 7% by 2024

People are starting to see the benefits of Epoxy Flooring as a flooring finish choice not just in Australia but Worldwide.

Epoxy flooring has long been overlooked as too much of a commercial application and even wrongfully seen as an unnecessary application in those commercial settings.

But Epoxy Flooring’s time has come!

We have listed numerous benefits of Epoxy Flooring here:

Epoxy Flooring Protects from Litigation / Law Suits from Slips & Falls

Protection from Extreme Heat, Humidity, Extreme Cold, Flooding, Salt Air & more!

Custom Graphic & 3D! Finishes


Now we are starting to see the global epoxy & concrete floor finishing market grow exponentially!

The market is expected to grow by 7% over the next few years which is even expected to grow further with new bio-based environmentally friendly resins becoming more readily available.

Exciting time for epoxy flooring!


3D Epoxy Flooring!

3D Epoxy Flooring!

Get excited! 3D Epoxy Flooring is here! Epoxy flooring is amazing and almost always the best flooring choice for many reasons, (see our previous blog posts for a list of reasons, but now it is also being used for AMAZING visual effects!

You can create amazing effects with Epoxy Flooring & also even optical illusions! (See below).

Just when you thought Epoxy Flooring couldn’t get any better it does it again!

So whether you a beach enthusiast:

Or maybe you have a practical reason for your specific company then Epoxy Flooring is your answer!

The effect is achieved by laying a printed sheet down and then laying a clear & durable epoxy finish over the top.

We think many beach & sea loving people in Australia will be loving these flooring ideas! 😍


Credit to Imperial Interiors ( in Dubai for the pictures.

The New Flooring Choice For Gyms & Sports Floors

The New Flooring Choice For Gyms & Sports Floors


Epoxy Flooring has is rapidly becoming the most popular flooring choice for most applications. But one of the most overlooked is it’s importance and superiority over other flooring choices when it comes to gym & sports floors. Epoxy floors give you the ability to have the most durable floor finish available, but also has the ability to have customisable traction! So you can have highly slip resistance, non, medium etc. All this and the line markings are also durable! No more continuous maintenance for the lines! This is of course discussion mainly applicable to sporting only floors. But gyms / gym floors are also similar in their need for durability. Especially when it comes to group classes wear & tear and heavy weights being dropped continuously. Gym floors with epoxy flooring also give you the ability to market your brand across the floor! Innovative, customisable and looks great!


Not only is it the best choice for indoor gyms, sports floors, sporting arenas, but it is also the best for outdoor sports floors! It’s superior durability offers not only the best or even customisable traction! But is also the most durable choice even under the harshest of environments.. such as the Australian / QLD sun!


Are you looking at flooring choices for your Gym or Sports Floor? Are you an organisation looking for the best flooring choice for you Sporting Arena floor? Contact us today to see what we can do for you!


DIY Epoxy Flooring

DIY Epoxy Flooring


We are increasingly having to fix up dodgy & bodged flooring DIY at home jobs from people trying to paint their garage floors themselves. (Not to mention the ones we have to fix up from new and inexperienced so called “professionals”).

The most common problem we see is the paint or epoxy peeling away in areas, making it look worse than before.
The common mistakes we see people making is the minimal or often total lack of prep. Preparation is one of the most important aspects, but often overlooked because it often seen as the most tedious or boring part. Trust us this is a costly mistake!
The next one is the wrong choice of material. We are often seeing people using paint! Yes paint! Not even using a true epoxy flooring material. Sometimes it’s not even a durable or good choice of paint!

We don’t enjoy seeing people learn the hard way! So hopefully we will see less and less of this in future and this post can act as somewhat of notice to spreading the word.

Don’t risk doing it yourself! Get a professional!
Similarly on that note, also get a proper professional! One with experience and proof via numerous reviews!
See our reviews here:

Please don’t hesitate in contacting us for you free no obligation quote today!
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EFQ Upgrades Equipment!

EFQ – Epoxy Flooring Queensland is pleased to announce we have upgraded our equipment to the latest and best out there.. Auskut Equipment tools. Not only this but we have also finally upgraded to 3 phase power.
Auskut is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality diamond tools and machinery that has grown to become the number 1 supplier in Australia. Only the best for EFQ!

So using EFQ for your flooring means you are safe knowing you are not only using highly experienced professionals but they are also using top of the line tools & equipment to produce the absolute best possible result for you all round.

The combination of Auskut & EFQ will see continued domination of the flooring market as well as securing future growth.

Contact us today to learn more or get a quote!

New Research Shows Strong Growth for the Epoxy Flooring Market!

New Research Shows Strong Growth for the Epoxy Flooring Market!

Research recently conducted by Transparency Market Research, has shown that the Epoxy Flooring Market has shown considerable growth since 2014 and has predicted even stronger growth forecast to 2023.

In 2014 the North American Epoxy Flooring Market was valued at $325m and is estimated to reach $546.8m in 2023. Unfortunately we can only really use this data due to there not being any research at this level conducted into the Australian Epoxy Flooring market. Nether the less, with our strong comparisons to such a market it is still solid evidence to show a rising global interest and take up of Epoxy Flooring.

The strong performance of Epoxy Flooring was put down to it’s wear & tear resistance levels, safety capabilities, longevity & UV protection. We have covered the benefits of Epoxy Flooring extensively throughout our articles, seen here. But the main point of interest in the report is the highlighted UV protection benefits. UV protection is HUGELY important in Australia, especially Queensland when it comes to flooring / construction materials. So not only does Epoxy Flooring beat other flooring types in most of the usual areas such as cost, longevity, looks, modern etc it also won’t fade under the intensive sunlight in sunny Queensland / Australia. So if anything the Epoxy Flooring market of Australia will undoubtedly do better than the rest of the world if this has been proven by research to be a main contributing factor when choosing flooring.

Contact us today to see what other benefits Epoxy Flooring offers and what we can do for you!

Epoxy Flooring – Pets, Vets & Kennels

Epoxy Flooring – Pets, Vets & Kennels


Epoxy flooring is the perfect choice for pets, vets, kennels or any surface where our furry pet friends might be!

Everyone who has ever owned or knew anyone with a dog or a cat knows how much damage they do to the floor over time. If not immediately with a lot of cases, such as timber flooring or carpet.

Dogs are especially prone to scratching floors and wearing them faster than usual. Epoxy flooring offers the most durable and hard wearing flooring options available.

Then there is the number 1 most common cause of pet damage to floors.. using it purposefully or accidentally as a toilet!

Epoxy flooring offers an easy to clean floor surface that won’t let anything penetrate! Unlike tiled floors! Unwanted residue can seep into tiles and/or grout.

This is especially important for industrial flooring applications such as vets or kennels etc. Where cleaning after animal mess is a number one issue.

Epoxy floors also have the option of being treated with anti-bacterial surface! Which doesn’t come with any other flooring type!

We often think of ourselves first, or perhaps employees in industrial flooring applications, but it’s just as important that our pets don’t slip over. More or especially so when at the vets after surgery for example. With epoxy flooring you can have non-slip surfaces. So that’s flooring that is highly (the most) durable, germ proof (anti-bacterial) AND slip resistant! THE PERFECT CHOICE FOR FLOORING FOR VETERINARIANS!

The above are usually the most important issues when choosing flooring for animals & pets but it is also important to not that the epoxy flooring is also softer on their feet & claws than other flooring types. So you really can get the best of both worlds with epoxy flooring!

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