Is Your Garage Ready For Epoxy Flooring?

Let’s face it, epoxy flooring is the latest trend nowadays because they look amazingly beautiful wherever you want to install them. Additionally, they are also very durable and affordable! If you’ve decided to place it on your garage floor, then you must prepare your garage floor before doing the installation. Here are the best ways to prepare your garage floor for epoxy flooring installation:

Examine Your Garage Floor

The first thing that you need to do is to examine your garage floor and make sure that it is clean and dry. It is best to apply epoxy flooring if there are no cracks or damages on the floor. If you find any holes or cracks, then you must patch them right away in order to make the epoxy flooring look amazing and more durable.  Also, keep in mind that epoxy coating does not work on sealed concrete. If your garage floor has a sealed concrete, then you should remove it through grinding.

Clean Your Garage Floor

One of the most important preparations that you can do for your garage floor is to clean them up. You should ensure that your garage floor is free from any moisture or grease or oil. Once it has dried up, then it’s time for you to clean its surface. Take note that epoxy flooring cannot be properly installed if there are still oil or grease on the floor. You can eliminate the grease by using a degreaser along with a solid brush. Sweep the floor to remove any dust. Use a wet and dry vacuum to completely get rid of any debris.

Check For Any Moisture

Epoxy floor coating will not work if there is moisture on your garage floor. In case there is excessive moisture, then epoxy coating might not be suitable for your garage floor. Before applying epoxy flooring on your garage, you must search for damp areas and test them for moisture. Once the moisture underneath the concrete rises up, a white residue will form on the surface. If you’ve noticed this, it only indicates that there is moisture on your concrete floor. If you are residing in a humid place, then efflorescence can also occur due to condensation. If you observe any moisture on your flooring, then you must perform a calcium chloride test before installing epoxy coating to your garage floor.

Profiling Is Important

After making sure that your garage can accept epoxy flooring and have thoroughly cleaned it then the next thing to do is profile it. It works by uncovering the pores in the concrete’s surface. This is to ensure that the epoxy can run smoothly and build a great bond. This step is considered very crucial when deciding for your garage epoxy flooring.

This can be done by grinding the surface or applying an acid etch on the surface. Experts prefer to grind the floor, however, using an acid etch is also suitable. When done, don’t forget to vacuum the garage floor to ensure that there are no white residues left. In case there is still dust, then you should vacuum it again. If you choose to apply an acid etch, then be sure to keep it dry before applying your epoxy flooring.


By following these preparations, you can be sure that your epoxy flooring installation will become successful. By preparing your garage before applying epoxy flooring, you can obtain a lovely and durable design. Unfortunately, if you won’t prepare your garage then your epoxy flooring mightnot last.

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