Epoxy Flooring Australia – Why do we need Epoxy Flooring in Australia? – Part 1 SEQ

Why do we need Epoxy Flooring in Australia? – Part 1 SEQ


Our next series of articles will be focusing on why we need Epoxy Flooring in specific areas of Australia.

We will concentrate mainly on South East Queensland (SEQ) for this article. (E.g. Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast).


Australia has some of the harshest conditions around and SEQ is no exception!

With temperatures soaring into the 40’s and the ability to reach minuses on rare occasions your flooring suddenly becomes a very important issue.

Most floorings simply can’t cope with harsh weather conditions. Once timber has seen a season or two it is already showing a lot of wear and need for maintenance. Tiles for example are notorious for the grout quickly becoming an issue (unless of course you use Epoxy Flooring Grout! 😉 ). Carpet again isn’t the same as it in places where it was invented (Europe etc). It gets very humid in SEQ and this can cause carpets to become living, breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria, not to mention it’s another flooring choice which will need replacing after a few years & constant maintenance.

Where as epoxy flooring beats ALL weather conditions and provides UNBEATABLE longevity. It will last forever!


So epoxy flooring coatings has you covered for:

  • Humidity
    • Causing warping of timber and rusting of metals
    • Increased maintenance especially in carpets
    • Baria breeding grounds for carpet
  • Extreme Heat
    • Causing increased maintenance for most floorings especially timber
  • Extreme Cold
    • those often forgotten about minuses temperatures that CAN & do happen in SEQ!)
  • Flooding
    • be it naturally occuring disaster or within your own home, unfortunate events like this do occur and epoxy flooring covers you for these events!)
  • Salt air
    • Salt air degrade many floors, getting in and ageing timber & metals more quickly than in areas further inland.

Looks like Epoxy Flooring is the best choice for flooring in SEQ!

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